Game 6 Lineups


Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is in the interview room right now (5:29 p.m. ET), and said David Eckstein, who is battling shoulder and finger injuries from Game 5, told La Russa to write him into the lineup. "My guess is he’ll play," said La Russa, adding the shortstop is the "toughest guy I’ve ever been around."

Willie Randolph preceded La Russa in the room and was asked if he has definitively settled on a potential Game 7 starting pitcher. "Not definitively, no," he said. "We’re going to see how things play out today. Everyone is just about available, except maybe Tom Glavine. We’ll see what happens at the end of the game here and we’ll make a choice tonight or tomorrow. Tonight probably."

Randolph said he probably would go with Darren Oliver tonight if he needs a long man. "If it’s early, I won’t hold anybody back." The manager also got a bit irked when the final line of questioning focused on whether he is "disappointed" about where things stand. "You’re not giving in, you’re not giving up, are you?"



    for a “sports” reporter to ask that question is more then being disingenous and every player on the Mets team should remember who that reporter is. He doesn’t belong where he’s at and probably never played an inning or a down in his life.

    I’m lifelong cardinals fan but after reading that I too think it’s digusting. It was only by the grace of God that Manager Willie didn’t throw the Coke machine at him!

    The cardinals limped in but the playoffs were the best thing going for them and winning game 1 against SD I feel, ignited them about who they are.

    Listening to Buck and McCarver is always boring. We need to bring back Ray Knight to analize the game. Nobody talked about the cardinal bench even before they walked to the plate to bat. Buck called the replacement players unsung hero’s. that was only a half correct statement if you watched this cardinals team all summer. So Tuguchi, Duncuan, miles and Juan Encarcion, they know how to produce Clutch!

    Cardinal hitters have hit in the clutch all post season. They must continue their killer instincts of concentration and relaxsation at the plate by letting the ball come to them. Albert I felt before I heard his comments last night, has been too anxious and has swung at many bad pitches. He bearly got away with his hr shot last night. still pulled off the ball a bit. Pujols might have been pressing a tad bit just because he’s so great with confidence and ability and wants to contribute just like the entire team is. He should be alright tonight. He just needs to sit and let the baseball come into his zone and he can allow the zone to stretch a little if he needs to for opposite field hits and Dingers.

    Yadier Molina is coming through in Clutch because he’s wanting to make a statement and he has his game face on. It was great to see Jimmy Edmonds hit 2 clutch hrs. Like he’s accustomed to. Rolan is the best 3rd baseman ever to play the game. Puljols has been a gold glove 1st baseman for years in my book.

    Pitching with guts from everybody. These kids are young and nothing wrong with bringing up young kids with dog days of summer grin n bear it pitching in 95 degree heat to get the job done while down in triple A all summer. Wainwright with his wicked curve and fastball and Kinney’s wicked slider and fastball have been so good that you can’t praise them enough. This has been a wonderful thing to watch.

    The cardinals need to come out and score big time showing the entire league that they have the mental alchemy to JUST DO IT! gET HUNGRY, TAKE NO PRISONERS, CONCENTRATE, STAY BACK…WANT IT MORE THAN THE OTHER TEAM EVEN THOUGH YOUR IN ny. Come on Stl


    terribly sorry to in forgetting Scott Spiezio. Scott hit in the clutch during the season. No surprise. Tony has managed his post season brilliantly. I only disagree with 1 move and that was tues. game where he had Eckstein try to bunt. The cardinals had what? 0 outs or 1. can’t remember. He already had 2 hits and when a guy is as tough as David is and being a gamer. let the kid smack another liner somewhere. This is my first ever blog post so sorry it it has been too long. When Jimmy hits a homer it ignites this team. All the cardinals can go deep. No surprise, maybe Joe Buck and McCarver will change their tune because they are too boring. There is no voice like Joe and I like that guy but men in the booth need to explain to the viewers what these players have done all season and they have not done so until after they produce. That is what is lacking in today’s broadcast booth. You don’t have to announce to the tv audience all the time about what a player has done season long before they step up to the plate but I like it when they do mention it because it’s important information.

    I knew all along Stl could be in this postion and told everyone. Hope the Cardinals can keep the momentem going on their side and sure hope Carpenter can be on tonight. Nothing wrong with throwing more fastballs high and outside let them hit it to the deepest part of the park if we half to but when the curve ball is working….it can be lights out. Keep the pressure on guys, keep the pressure on


    3rd times a charm and hopefully we’ll see the cardnails unleashing the champaign corks tonight. One final thought before I say goodbye from far north Alaska. From looking at the lineups one thing that has always stuck with me throughout the years when watching the post season. Not always, the club with the highest payroll wins. It comes down to maybe a few mistake pitches, for the other team. Great pitching from the winning team with timely clutch hitting. After all, that’s why the cardinals are in the NLCS because they play this game for a living and are good enough to be where they are as tough as it is to make it there.

    It comes down to percentages, to have a feel for how the game is going and Who are the players that will rise up and summons something a bit deeper within during the spotlight to get the job done. Who will it be? The cardinals are showing it. They need to win tonight. if there is a game 7. I’m nervous. don’t ask me why, I don’t want to think about it. I like that Conoco Phillips commercial….” The great one’s summons somethink deeper, they elevate their performance to the highest level, in the biggest stakes. Play your game guys, keep the pressure on! Stl red

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