It’s a Beautiful Day

We’re back. My flight from St. Louis on Wednesday connected through Cleveland and I went straight from the airport to Shea Stadium. I just shot these pictures at 3:30 p.m. ET from the press box level.



It is magnificently sunny and was 70 degrees when I landed, lugging a heavy down coat that was a real space-waster on this travel day. It will work in Detroit, though. For now, there is the small matter of deciding who the Tigers finally will get to play.

Quickie NLCS blog question: Would you rather be the Tigers with a full week of rest and preparation, or would you rather be the Cardinals or Mets, going right into the Fall Classic as if it were regular-season mode and the killer instinct in tow?

I don’t know if the Cardinals are in the catbird seat, but they do have Chris Carpenter on the hill tonight against John Maine, and there is a leftover photo here from Busch that I have to upload (look closely):


Here is another lasting image from St. Louis, taken during that transition time between Mets and Cardinals BP before Game 5. This kind of stuff never would have been allowed in the old days of baseball, but players hang together and then are enemies for a while and then hang again.


First pitch for Game 6 is at 8:19 p.m. ET. The Cards lead the series 3-2. Will it be a rematch of the 1968 World Series? Will the Mets make this one go seven and make Detroit wait as long as possible before knowing what visitors will arrive at Comerica? Like Tommy Lasorda says, watching this one is your duty, Judy.

By the way, make sure you’re also blogging about all of this, not just commenting. Others in the MLBlogs community include Brooks Robinson, David Wright, Cliff Floyd, John Rodriguez, club broadcasters like Daron Sutton, mascots like Wally the Green Monster and Raymond, authors like Curt Smith and Zoe Rice, and more. Browse MLBlogs by club and join them.


  1. Zoe

    Carlos Delgado is such a stand up guy–it doesn’t surprise me that he’d be talking all gentlemanly to the other team.

    We do best as underdogs. Our offense is ready to come alive. And Cliff Floyd’s proclaimed 26th man (and I’ll add woman) will be there tonight to get this win. I mean the Shea crowd, of course!

    Off to the ballpark soon!!

  2. Julie

    Mark, thanks for all the great coverage, photos, and videos. They definitely paid attention to detail when designing new Busch, don’t you think? I am hoping I can see a world series game there real soon, like in a few days. I like our chances tonight with Carp on the mound. I would give the edge back to the Mets if we go to Game 7, but this series is proving anything can happen. And I’d rather be the Cards/Mets than the Tigers – they might get rusty sitting around for so long although I’m sure Leyland will do his best to keep them sharp.

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