Game 6: Mets 4, Cardinals 2

Detroit fans, hang on just a bit longer.

There’s still some work to do over here.

Mets_4Once again, this series continues to defy matchup expectations. It is simply a great League Championship Series, and it is destined to be remembered that way. There is a Game 7 Thursday night at Shea Stadium, and the winner goes to Comerica Park two nights later. The Mets have named Oliver Perez — who was so-so in his previous NLCS start in St. Louis — to start the finale against Jeff Suppan, who mastered the Mets’ lineup and even homered in his outing.

"If you’d have told me that when the day started that they’d have four on the board…" That’s how Cardinals manager Tony La Russa started his postgame interview session, referring to his expectation that St. Louis might have "marked" at least four times. He had possible repeat Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter up against rookie John Maine, but once Jose Reyes led off with a homer, all expectations faded to reality of a great series.

"I’m sure they’re very happy with him," La Russa said of Maine. "That first inning, he faced a big problem and he got out of it. It seemed like he got more and more confident, and got them into the sixth inning. That’s to his credit. … Yesterday, they had a guy going to the Hall of Fame, today we had a Cy Young winner — that’s what matchups do for you."

La Russa also said people would have seen "a different Billy Wagner" had the Mets been ahead by two runs instead of four.

Mets manager Willie Randolph, who has given his players a Detroit itinerary as a show of confidence, was beaming about Maine’s outing. "I just tell him all the time, ‘Just go out and have fun,’" said Randolph. "I’ve challenged him many times. … He’s been golden for us."

Maine said that he had "jitters" at the start, but wasn’t overthrowing.

How clutch is So Taguchi? He is 4-for-4 this postseason with two homers. I’m sure a lot of people back in Japan would like to see him play more, but that’s one jam-packed Cardinals outfield.

Paul Lo Duca: "I can’t even imagine what tomorrow is gonna be like."

Anything can happen, as this series has proven. It will be a wild scene at Shea for the last one. So, who do you like in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS?


  1. Pirate

    It is playing out just like I thought the other day Mark – Perez is getting his chance at a second win in the CS.

    I’ll bet you two Nuttings and a Littlefield he gets it too.

    BTW, I don’t think think 80 pitches and 3 ER and 7 H was “so-so” for Perez the other day. I think it was a brilliant start by Ollie.

    I mean, the Cards are perhaps the best scouting team in baseball and Perez went into their new house and took them out. Now this is a kid who was dumped like a leper out of Pittsburgh.. humiliated.. sent to AAA. Nobody believed in him.

    Except Randolph (and Scott Boras, of course). Randolph continues to believe in him and THAT is what rocks Perez’s world.

    I believe THAT is why Ollie will get his second win.



    Bob Gibson striking out 17 Tigers in Game 1 of the ’68 World Series was a brilliant start. I’m trying to be nice with so-so.


    I’m rooting for the Mets. They can do it. A lot of people wrote the Mets off after game 5. It’s not over yet. Shea will be jumping tonight! Go Mets!!!!


    I think the Mets have the advantage playing at home and coming off the momentum of Game 6… Got to get the offense started early….LET’S GO METS!!

  5. Pirate

    “Bob Gibson striking out 17 Tigers in Game 1..”

    I see what you mean Mark. I guess I was looking at it differently.

    Gibson was the best in the game and did what nobody else like him has ever done.

    Perez was, perhaps, the worst in the game and did what nobody else like him has ever done (first sub .500 winner to win).


    The Mets will find a way tonight. Perez won’t be great, but he doesn’t have to be. 1986 = 2006. LETS GO METS !!


    Cardinals are going to clean up their defense, hit the ball well, and we are taking home the NLCS and playing on Saturday! I have no doubt.


    “Perez went into their new house and took them out.”

    Don’t you think thats somewhat of a strong statement?? I wouldn’t say Perez “took them out”. allowing 9 hits and 5 runs doesn’t really say “shut-down pitching” to me. It wasn’t a “brilliant” game by him either, nor a quality start by any means. It was a below average game for any pitcher and if Perez is as good as anyone wants to believe then he wouldn’t give up 9 hits and 5 runs in the postseason to keep his team in contention. If it wasn’t for Anthony Reyes tipping his pitches and the Mets getting to the cardinal bullpen early, AND the cardinal bullpen having an unexpected sub-par performance, the Mets woulda been counted out of that game too, and the Cardinals would be in the world series right now. So if anything won that game for the mets, it was their offense, NOT Ollie Perez. I expect the cardinals to put them away today, despite it being a road game. Suppan isn’t afraid of big games, and if we hit up Ollie like we did last time or better, and Suppan gives us another strong start, the defense and offense should take care of the rest. I say Cards vs Tigers in the WS. Unfortunately, the Tigers will win it all anyways :(.


    Did anybody else notice that big herpes spot on Albert Pujols lip? I’d like to know who he contracted that from. Possibly Yadier Molina?

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