Shea Stadium, 5:15 p.m. ET

Obviously the situation is very sad here right now as Cory Lidle was confirmed as the pilot of the small aircraft that crashed this afternoon into a high-rise condo on the Upper East Side. I was on the East Side at the time, in a taxi headed across the East River going to Shea, and heard it on the car’s news radio. Looking back in that general direction, visibility was so poor it was hard to see the column of smoke, an indication of how bad the looming weather is here today. Most people here are trying to find news on the TV monitors, and will set this blog aside as we are focused on what has taken over the news in a tragic way.

Seemingly very secondary right now, the NLCS is scheduled to begin just after 8 ET tonight and obviously that is in question at this point due to the weather forecast. It’s a steady rain on the field right now.


It was one week ago in New York that the impending threat of rain caused Game 2 of the ALDS to be pushed back a day. Updates to follow. New York City hour-by-hour, courtesy of




    Gez, Seriously, these guys are horrible. Trust me, I’m a meteorologist. The game will be played tonight. A few scattered showers, but nothing heavy.

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