NLCS Fan Spotlight: The Face Painter


After taking this picture from in front of the Cardinals’ dugout during batting practice on Friday night, I wanted to know how long it took to paint her face. By the time I caught up with Carolyn Goodman, 41, of Mineola, N.Y., she was over behind the Mets’ dugout. Here is a quick Q&A with a fan at Shea for Game 2 of the National League Championship Series: How long did it take to paint your face?

Face Painter: About a half-hour. One of my coworkers did it today. I teach elementary school band. The kids were having fun with it. They know I paint my face and I’m a Mets maniac. I have Mets signs all over my car. Everything. What about the Gary Carter Mets jersey you are wearing?

Face Painter: I wore a specially autographed Gary Carter jersey just for the occasion. He signed it the day after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I was able to see that happen. He is my all-time favorite Met. I loved his grittiness and spunk, the way he called a game. He was The Kid. I’ve only worn this jersey twice since he signed it — when they clinched [last month] and now. How do you think they did on your face?

Face Painter: I was happy with it. I was going to have them paint a "NY" on each side, but I figured this was pretty good. What do you think of the Mets so far in the playoffs? They are 4-0.

Face Painter: We’re off to a great start. I think it will be a continuation. I think this is our year — one game at a time. Who is your favorite Met now?

Face Painter: I don’t have a favorite player on this team. I just love the whole group. It’s a very classy collection.


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