Game 3: Cardinals 5, Mets 0

It’s amazing how much things have changed since late in Game 2 and that 11-pitch at-bat by Albert Pujols to now. Suddenly, the Cardinals look very strong and in control with a 2-1 lead. Some notable discussion points for commenters: (1) David Wright has to start hitting; (2) Scott Spiezio’s red soul patch is becoming a major retail feature in the Midwest; (3) Darren Oliver looks like a nice No. 2 starter on this team and actually just threw one of the best outings of the entire postseason; and (4) it’s anyone’s guess what will happen with a matchup of rookie Anthony Reyes and Mets starter Oliver Perez. I also wonder what a full week-long wait over in the American League might do to the red-hot Tigers, who are awaiting the winner of a series that is just getting going.



    The Mets can’t hide it anymore-without Pedro and Hernandez to anchor their starting staff, the Cards have a much stronger rotation even w/o Mulder or and effective Marquis. Carpenter will rebound, Suppan has been brilliant the entire second half, and Weaver/Reyes are as good or better than anyone else’s 3/4 pitchers. The Cards’ bullpen is even better now than the rotation, and the offense is clicking after some hard luck in Game 1.

    While the Cardinals were fighting through injuries the entire second half(and their record shows it) the baseball world jumped on the Met bandwagon–now the tables are turning and leading to another World Series for St. Louis. Sorry New Yorkers, looks like “no Soup for you”!


    Your points of discussion . . .1)The Mets need everyone to step up if they are going to win. Even Pujols has had a couple of “quiet” games and the rest of the Cards have stepped in and gotten it done. The playoffs make heroes out of the unlikeliest players. 2)Even Rams fans are now sporting blue soul patches, it’s definitely a sports town with the Carindals at the heart of it. 3)Oliver did have a good outing, it was just overshadowed by Suppan’s outstanding performance. 4)I saw Anthony Reyes pitch in Detroit where he gave up just one hit, unfortunately that was a home run and he got the loss. He brought his good stuff against that awesome team, and will bring it again tonight.


    Correction: I think Reyes had the great game against the White Sox, not the Tigers. We went to both cities, both teams were hot at the time. Point being, Reyes pitched well against a power team and I think that will carry over to a good performance in a pressure situation tonight. Go Cards!

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