Game 4: Mets 12, Cards 5


Thoughts after four games of the National League Championship Series:

It’s been entertaining. You never know what’s going to happen next. It’s the only series played so far in this postseason in which the losing team will have won at least twice. The pattern has been shutout, losing team has lots of homers, shutout, losing team has lots of homers.

The lack of pitching by the Mets’ starters has gone exactly as many people predicted, after all of their personnel losses. Yet, they have regained the home-field advantage. And as one of my colleagues just noted, after watching Anthony Reyes’ outing in Game 4, how bad could Jason Marquis have been not to be here in that role?

I am tired of weather forecasts. After waiting through a rainout during the American League Division Series between the Tigers and Yankees, after waiting through a rainout at the start of this series, now we’re told that there is an 80 percent chance of rain Monday night. Please, not another lost travel day and more flight/hotel changing. Stay tuned, and meteorologists, speak up here.

It was a really tough Sunday in St. Louis. Rams fans suffered a heartbreaking loss when the Seahawks kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired several blocks away. A few hours later, the Cardinals suffered what could become a backbreaking loss to the Mets.

It’s amazing what you can do with a Canon Powershot A540. The videos I have uploaded and posted on this and my previous ALDS blog have been viewed more than 7,000 times. Someone just asked if I shot video of Constantine Maroulis’ "God Bless America" performance at Shea. Unfortunately, no — just trying to sprinkle vids in where possible to help capture the on-the-scene ambience and experience blogging the way so many other people are these days, with text just part of the whole blogging picture. But that’s a pretty cool thought, trying to upload vids of every National Anthem and "God Bless America" rendition.


  1. Zoe

    I’ve got a pic of Constantine singing God Bless America I should post sometime. He was better than I thought he’d be–but he kinda screwed up the ending and only sang the last “my home sweet home” part once.

    Everyone’s talking ’bout the rain. I’m not sure I want Glav pitching in the midst of a downpour, so I’ll hope they postpone if it’s raining rather than try to play thru.


    Wow. It was the Carlos and Carlos show last night while the Cards pitching went down the tubes. My hat’s off to the Mets for the show they put on. Here’s hoping the Cards got it all out of their system and play like they are capable of tonight. I’m not the one that did the rain dance, but maybe another day’s rest will help both starters. I’ll be heading down there again tonight unless they call it off early, armed with my Cardinal jacket and Cardinal umbrella and positive thoughts.

    To the Mets fans in section 147 . . . you had every reason to celebrate. I didn’t know St Louis had obnoxious fans, but lo and behold there was one in my row. I can only assume he was raised in another major league town and not in St Louis.

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