Game 4 Pregame


Oliver Perez vs. Anthony Reyes. Definitely a huge matchup back in Mexico, where people surely are following a matchup between two of their countrymen. As for the game: Maybe not a must-win for the Mets, but they can ensure that the National League Championship Series returns to Shea.

Lou Brock was just introduced to throw out the ceremonial first pitch tonight. Yesterday he was over in Kansas City at Buck O’Neil’s funeral. It turns out that Buck had been the scout who signed him.

This was kind of interesting — I ran into Lou near the elevator as he entered the lobby at Busch with his wife. I asked if I could take his picture with the Canon PowerShot, and he grabbed the camera out of my hand and took mine. You don’t argue with Hall of Famers.

Photo by Louis Clark Brock

Then I said, "I am not kidding, I really want to take your picture." He gave it back.

Photo by Lou Brock Fan

Scott Spiezio stays in the lineup, playing left for the Cards, while Juan Encarnacion returns to right instead of Preston Wilson. That’s the only major lineup change. Mets stay the same, and a familiar face from the past was hanging around the batting cage…


St. Louisans will be interested in this new trend during the NLCS. They built this ballpark right up against the edge of I-40 ("Farty" as it is commonly pronounced here by the natives), and if you go out to the edge of the concourse between innings, you will notice that cars honk as they drive past.

Adding one pregame Powervid here from during the Mets’ BP…


  1. Cyn

    Lou Brock looks amazing! You are going to have such wonderful pictures from this post-season (and I’m sure you’re loving the Cards doing so well, even though you’re doing a great job being ‘neutral’ on the blog!).

    Holy cow that’s Darryl Strawberry, isn’t it?

  2. NLCS

    Hey, Cyn, good to see you here on this blog! Yes, that’s the Straw. He also threw out the first pitch in Game 1 at Shea.

  3. Rafael

    Mark, You’re a lucky fellow. To have your pic taken by Lou Brock, that just doesn’t happen every day!

    I updated my pic also at the blogs, I hope it doesn’t break the monitors of those visiting. If you go there, you’ll see what I’m up to these days.

    Take care and good luck.

  4. SomeBallyard

    You’re making out like a bandit this post season. If I recall, you have family in Missouri. Hope you have a chance to get together.

    It’s OK to be a Cardinal fan. Personally I think the Cards have the best fan base in baseball, knowledgable and enthusiastic without being obnoxious.

    I’m still liking the Mets, though.

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

  5. Pirate

    Mark – you need to research whether a player involved in a trade deadline deal as a salary dump (Perez) has ever gone on to start and win a CS game.

    I have to believe it has never happened.. ever. Not to mention he had the highest ERA of any player to ever start a CS game.

    Oliver Perez was just unbelievable. The storyline behind him is as strong as the Leyland takeover in Detroit. Ok.. maybe not *that* strong but certainly one of the best of the year.

    Now what happens if we see Game 7 and Perez wins that too and it vaults the Mets to the WS?

    And then what happens *if* Perez makes a WS start and gets a win?

    My-oh-my.. David Littlfield and Kevin McClatchy not only made a *huge* mistake dumping Perez for Nady, the industry is now laughing so hard at what they did the joke will be around for years and years.

    Oh – wait. Did I hear Littlefield is going to get another contract extension?


    Profits were over $30m in Pittsburgh last year.

    Dear God..

  6. NLCS

    Pirate, I would be shocked if it isn’t actually VERY common. Look up Cone and a lot of players given up at the trade deadline because of salary factors and the prospect of losing them the next year to free agency. I just asked a couple of our longtime writers at and that was their expectation, too. So I’m going to let someone else research that one.


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